Study Visits

Study Visits

List of study visits

As part of the Program, extracurricular activities are offered. Curators and experts in their field of study will guide the participants throughout the historical center of Athens and selected museums and landmarks of the city.

Visit to the most distinguished goldsmithery workshop in the world: Greek Gold
Greek Gold will open the gates to the participants by offering them the experience of a universally recognized jewelry workshop. The participants will observe new techniques of goldsmithing. The artists and the designers will welcome all the students to their specialized workshops and they will give them the opportunity to exchange new ideas and share in their knowledge about the art of metallurgy.

Visits to the most popular museums in Athens: The Acropolis Hill and the New Acropolis Museum, the National Archaeological Museum, the Benaki Museum, and the Byzantine and Christian Museum. These museum visits will offer the participant students the opportunity to observe some of the most important collections of Greek heritage.

Goldsmith at his bench in Ilias Lalaounis – Greek Gold, one of the most esteemed jewelry workshops in the world

The Benaki Museum, exterior view